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Stage One

We first hand pole wash all the decorative aspects on the top of your conservatory or windows.

Stage Two

We use our water fed poles to hand clean the roof panels of your conservatory and your windows.

Stage Three

All the dead vegetation is removed from the guttering on your conservatory to ensure clear channels for water drainage.

Stage Four

Lastly all windows, frames and sills are cleaned to a highly professional standard.

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About Us

Burgess Hill Power Washing

About Us

Over the years we have become specialists in all aspects of window and conservatory cleaning. We hand wash with pole fed brushes to insure no damage to your windows or conservatories. We pride ourself on our professionalism and friendly manner.

Our aim is complete customer satisfaction at a competitive price

RE-SAnding, MINOR Repairs AND Levelling

Window and Conservatory Cleaning

Using our specialised equipment and cleaning solutions our friendly team of operators will leave your windows and conservatories almost as clean as if they were newly fitted.

JET washing, treatment and prevention

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